June 1

The Marketing Iceberg – The Strategy That Sank A Million Companies…

Beware the Marketing Iceberg That Will Sink Your Business

You launched a website for your business.

Now you’re obsessed trying to drive traffic, get your message out, and market effectively.

... and you're completely overwhelmed.

What is wrong?

In a word - icebergs.

Most business owners see the tip of the marketing iceberg and get lured in.

Take content marketing and SEO for example.

You think - I’ll just publish a blog post or two each month.

Easy enough. Google will pick up my site and send free traffic my way. Sign me up!

But it’s not that simple. 

Let’s map out what lurks below the surface of this marketing iceberg.

First, you realize you need to create valuable content that stands out, not just clutter.

More work than you thought.

Next, you have to get your web person to publish each post and make sure it looks good - more time and money.

But you just spent all this effort on a blog post and no one knows it’s there!

Now you need a promotion strategy - email, social media, etc.

You have to queue up your email and send it to your list (you have a list, right?). 

You have to share it with all your different social networks (how many different channels are you managing now?)

Are you going to pay to promote your post (say that 5 times fast...)?

And then,

Suddenly you’re thinking about your next post.

What will you write?

How will you keep ideas flowing?

The work multiplies.

Then you learn about keywords to help Google find your content.

Now you need keyword research and strategy. 

Your pages get awkward as you wedge in keywords.

You discover technical SEO - headlines, meta tags, schema markup.

You buy tools to analyze if you implemented this correctly.

Your rankings improve, but you’re not getting the traffic you expected.

Now you need backlinks to hit the coveted top 3.

Time to hire backlink builders.

Finally, you realize the $64,000 question - is any of this content actually generating leads and sales?

Cue email strategy, lead magnets, and so on.

This is the marketing iceberg in a nutshell - a seemingly simple tactic at the surface leads to layers and layers of hidden complexity below.

It quickly overwhelms and sinks businesses with good intentions but bad plans.

And content marketing is just one small iceberg!

Social media, PPC, email marketing, events - they are all icebergs promising quick wins but delivering complexity and frustration.

So what’s the solution? 

You need a clear marketing blueprint that maps out the hazards below the surface before you dive in.

With the Marchitect.Pro Certification, we teach you to draft that blueprint so you can navigate any marketing iceberg successfully.

Let us chart your course so you reach your business goals without cracking up and sinking along the way.

The marketing icebergs are out there, everywhere. 

But with the right strategy and guidance, they don’t have to sink your business dreams.


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