The Vision

“Success is pretty simple. Just create value

for people and the rest will follow.”

Our Philosophy

Many times, as a company, it is difficult to express the beliefs, the attitudes, and the philosophies held by a company. Luckily, for us, we have a pretty complete summary that very closely aligns with our views.

The following expert is from the book The Fountainhead. Not only does this summarize our own beliefs, but it also conveniently about an architect.

So it works very well.

Roark is on trial and his only defense is the statement of his purpose. This speech pretty clearly defines what we are about.

©1943 The Bobbs-Merrill Company; 1968 Ayn Rand; 1993 Leonard Peikoff (P) 1994 Blackstone Audio Inc.

Our 12 Month Future Night

It is the end of December, 2023.

Three years, two months after starting The Marketing Plan Formula. 

36 years of experience and hard work, broken and realized dreams, has finally created the unique company I’ve always dreamed of.

My hope in sharing this document with you is that you can get a sense of where we are going and how we got there. How our uniqueness shows up in the world and the ripples we have caused over the last three years. 

The Marchitect.Pro Certification has become one of the most recognized and sought after advanced marketing training program. 

Being a Certified Marchitect.Pro is now one of the most in-demand marketing roles on LinkedIn, Indeed, and the career boards.

The leading professional marketing associations have recognized the Marketing Plan Formula with their certifications.

Our Certified Marchitect.Pro's report an average 50% increase in compensation within the first six months post graduation.

Our average Certified fractional CMO's report an increase in revenue exceeding 100% in the first 12 months.

Our clients are realizing success beyond anything they imagined or expected.

In a very real sense, we have improved the world by helping marketers bring greater value to more people around the world. 

The Marketing Plan Formula Vision

The Marketing Plan Formula is a marketing education and coaching company.

Our Marchitect.Pro Certification program is the most advanced, high-level training program in existence. 

Our CMO school is the only such program in the nation. Giving marketing professionals the training and support to reach the highest levels in marketing.

Together, our executive training and top tier marketing talent give professionals the ability to grow and achieve, frankly, unbelievable results.

We promote and protect a sterling reputation. In the world of scams, hyper inflated promises, and ever increasing attention battles we are a refuge.

We guarantee success for our students. Our Certified professionals are guaranteed to see a 100% success record in doubling their profits. And, as a result, we have a long list of professionals waiting to join our programs.

We are widely known as THE Marketing Blueprint Company. We are a deep think tank of experienced expertise that transforms ideas into actionable knowledge. 

We are on the leading edge of business development and marketing. When you think about the front line of marketing, we are there, leading the charge.

Innovation and creativity is fundamental to our being.

We have been honored with ranking on the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America in our 3rd year of business. 

All the other gurus and experts in the industry love us because we don’t compete with them. 

We don’t do strategies.

We do marketing blueprints. 

We provide a foundation for business to flourish. 

We are seen as THE go-to Marketing professional development solution.

The Marketing Plan Formula mission

to produce, empower, and deploy the greatest minds in marketing.

Company Values


We take pride in the fact that we don’t rush things just to get them done. Sure, every once and a while you have to push, but for everything else we take our time to do things right. This minimizes mistakes. This produces better quality. It is contrary to most of the world today, but it is our lead core value and totally worth it.


Is our signature. We create a sense of awe and wonderment. Where the expertise is easily recognizable. Creativity permeates the solutions we provide, in the design of everything we do. Our work is recognized for design. The thoughtful beauty of it all.


The Marketing Plan Formula is an island of honesty, non-hype, compassionate -passionate information for the entrepreneur. The most sacred resource in the world today is trust and attention. We gain and protect those at all costs. This means that when we talk people listen.


We respect each others unique talents and skills. The responsibilities given to these talents are crucial to everyone’s success. So they are held holy. When you are given the responsibility you own it 100% - the good and bad of it.


We believe the more you give the more you receive. We seek out opportunities to provide value throughout our collective. From a customer support conversation to the doorman at our live events, we always strive to deliver more than anyone expects.


We prioritize our collective’s health. Whole health. We cannot reach our fullest potential if we are not 100%. We don’t work 24/7. We allow space to think. So when we give you our 100% it is more than enough.

Clients and Customers

Our clients are marketing professionals who want to elevate their career to the highest levels. 

They are results oriented. They produce the best, and demand the best.

They are the leaders in the marketing world who know how to create an optimized marketing blueprint.

Our Product Vision

Marchitect.Pro Certification

Advanced Marketing Certification Program for professionals who want the skills and confidence to successfully lead a company to growth and scale. 

  • Experience isn't necessary, ambition is. We'll give you the foundation to launch your career.
  • 100% Remote but not alone. We work side-by-side with you to develop your skills and confidence.
  • 12 Weeks to launching an entirely new career path for you and your family.

The Marketing Plan Formula Journal (2023)

We have published the best selling Marketing Plan Formula Journal and it has reached the top of all business best seller lists. It is a constant best seller on Amazon and has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal, HBR, and other prestigious publications.

The Marchitect.Pro Alumni Program (2023)

Our ongoing mastermind and support program for our graduates. An avid cult of professionals obsessed with being the best and producing results. 

The Alumni program is our home and community for our Certified graduates.

The Marchitect.Pro Implementers (2023-2024)

We train, certify, and license the best marketing professionals in the world. After passing a rigorous certification process and being a culture fit, our implementers can take our licensed materials and help companies on a 1 on 1 or group settings. They are free to build their own businesses based on our educational materials. 

The Marketing Plan Formula Live (2022 & Beyond)

Once per year we hold a very exclusive and private mastermind event. This three day networking event is invite only and is incredibly secretive. We are constantly asked as to how someone could get a ‘golden ticket’ to the event, but that remains one of our closest guarded secrets.

Our Products

Private Executive Coaching

The ultimate, fast-track marketing solution for you and your business.

Entire Marchitect.Pro Certification Training - 
3 Hours / week, 12 week immersive small group coaching & training & execution with your Individual Client Success Manager
30 Hours of 1 on 1 Consulting with Certified Marchitect Pros©
Exclusive Marchitect Pro Placement Services
Guaranteed Results

Marchitect.Pro Certification

Get the skills and solutions to having the ultimate marketing toolkit.

Entire Marchitect.Pro Certification Training -
3 Hours / week, 12 week immersive small group coaching & training & execution with your Individual Client Success Manager
Earn Certification as a Marchitect Pro©
Exclusive Opportunity Placement Services
Guaranteed Results

Marketing Plan Formula Individual

Get the skills and solutions to having the ultimate marketing toolkit.

Entire Marketing Plan Formula Online
90 Min / week, 12 weeks immersive group coaching & training & execution
Group Client Success Manager
Earn Certification as a Marchitect Pro©
Exclusive Opportunity Listing Services
Guaranteed Results

RC Company Culture - People

Everything depends on the amazing people we work with. From our core team, through the founders and entrepreneurs who dream of a better world. To the brilliant minds that lead and create on the forefront of marketing, our support staff, our users, our fans…

Today’s world moves too fast for any one person or company to be the single source of anything. There is no one way to do things… and there is always a better way.

The Marketing Plan Formula aggregates information. We consume | attract | draw the best and latest marketing practices | experts | strategies and filter them for our entrepreneurs and clients. We don’t have everything for everyone. We have what you need when you need it. 

The RNA to your DNA.

The Marketing Pro Incubator is an aggregator, an incubator for the best of the best in marketing.

MPF Accountability Chart

3 is a magic number. We work in teams of 3. Our teams are dynamic and responsive to projects. We are like a special ops team of experts. Each member brings unique talents and skills where we foster them and allow their fullest potential to bloom. 

Our team is the best of the best. The A Team. The kind of people that you don’t need to tell or ask twice. They get it and get it done. They are the highest paid, recognized, and rewarded team in the industry.

Our Important Numbers

We guarantee a 2-3x increase in your ROI.

Once implemented our clients typically see at least a 2X to 3X increase in their marketing ROI. 

Through our training we strive to achieve 100% profit growth in each of our client companies

Founders Message

Part of who we are is the idea of bringing more value to the world. The more people we can help succeed, the more value we help create. This is ripple #1.

Ripple #2 is that we often see non-profits or social enterprises that have unique potential to significantly improve the world. Yet, they struggle with marketing. We help these organizations by requiring each certified Implementer execute the Marketing Plan Formula for the charity of their choice.