Dear Founders and CEO’s,

Do you want to hire the best marketers who 'get it'? Who understand how to grow a business and not just the latest SEO hack or Advertising scheme?

Marketers who get the big picture and can help you create the blueprint to grow your business in the long-term, regardless of strategy?

I'll help you find these professionals. Whether you want to hire in-house, fractionally, or an agency. 

We run the Marketing Pro Incubator. We teach marketers how to reverse engineer a PROFITABLE marketing blueprint for your unique business - and then how to execute and manage based on your unique KPIs.

You can bend the world to your will...

You’ve created a business, making your vision a reality.

Only you haven’t figured out how to share your vision with the world in a way that gets your unique message to your best customers and compels them to buy (marketing).

Smart entrepreneurs know to leverage talent. You've done this with every other area of your business, so you start hiring marketing people/agencies. They promise the leads, the sales, the money, only, they haven't been successful.

Not like you thought.

And now you're angry.

You need your marketing to generate new leads and sales.

But, you’re not a marketing person.

You’re already overwhelmed with every other part of growing your business. You are sick and tired of just throwing good money after bad to random marketing agencies that always disappoint.

If you are going to invest your time and money, you need to make sure it will be profitable.

You are here to change the world and every time another agency/freelancer/fractional CMO doesn’t produce results you lose time, money, and most of all you're watching your opportunity slip away.

I’ve walked in your shoes... 

I know that sinking feeling in your gut when you have to fire yet another agency and start over. Like you, I’ve said “Well, that didn’t work...” far too many times.

I think the realization of having to start over is one of the most difficult things about being an entrepreneur.

See, I’ve started 3 companies that do over a million dollars per year in sales. 

And, I’ve been lucky to coach hundreds of 6 and 7 figure businesses over the last 5 years to do the same.

From that experience, I’ve discovered how to reverse engineer your business in order to create marketing that generates quality customers -profitably.

Now, we recruit and teach this unique and essential approach to marketing professionals - and then introduce them to you for hire.

Lisa Foster

Lisa and I have been working on a completely new version of her business. She is like a dowsing rod for superpower-flow states.

Wendy Pease

Wendy runs a highly successful translation and localization agency. We discovered a fantastic way to grow her business in less than an hour.

Steve Ziegler

I helped Steve and his wife, Dr. Z, have been learn how to leverage the power of Facebook ads and course marketing.

Jack Delehey

Jack and I work together a bunch. He is a brilliant entrepreneur and is an amazing friend.

Kathy & KMC University

I love Kathy. She is the #1 source in the world chiropractors turn to for compliance and office management solutions.

A simple solution for long-term success

What is missing in the marketing world today is the idea of a marketing blueprint.

You wouldn't just hire a GC to build your dream home without a blueprint - that would be insane.

Yet, this is how most entrepreneurs approach marketing.

And, it is why most marketing agencies, freelancers, even fractional CMOs fail.

Because, while they may be exceptionally competent, they (and you) do not have the marketing blueprint for your unique business.

The solution is called the Marketing Plan Formula is a proven 5-step process for you to answer the Million Dollar Question:

"How do you know the best marketing strategies to spend my limited time, money, and resources on in order to generate the highest quality leads - profitably?"

The Marketing Plan Formula is an interactive 12 week coaching, execution, and implementation program. We recruit and train marketing professionals to be experts at creating your marketing blueprint.

Your marketing blueprint that answers this question and gives you a marketing department that generates the highest quality leads possible.

You’ll finally have a systematic, duplicatable, and scalable marketing system.

Once our students graduate and are certified we introduce them to our executive network. 

We introduce you to the professionals, then you make the hiring decisions. 

It might be part-time, full-time, fractional, or even project based. 

That is between you and the marketing pro. 

But, we are always here to support you and your marketing team.

We support your marketing efforts with weekly training and open office support. Individual guidance and consultation so that you and your team are never alone - never have to struggle and guess at solutions.

We support you with the world's best marketing skills, training, and support.

We provide all the systems, tools, and guidance you need to complete the entire plan yourself, but you won't be alone.

We are there weekly to answer questions and help you implement the plan.

Plus, we've gathered the world's leading experts in each of the top 20 marketing strategies to give you their 'secret sauce' on making the greatest returns for each strategy (plus personal introductions in our Golden Rolodex).

You simply need to decide. You’ve wasted enough time, enough money, and enough of your opportunity chasing random marketing strategies.

Our 100% Success Guarantee:

You will never be alone and guessing with your marketing hires again. We are there for you.

Afraid of another bad marketing investment or hire?

You risk nothing with us. 

If, for any reason, you find that our marketing professionals do not fit your organization, simply notify us and we will introduce you to as many certified professionals as it takes to find that perfect hire.

And not only that,  we will also continue to help you through our forums and coaches until you reach your sales goals.

How we can make such a bold promise:

Because your marketing is reverse engineered out of your unique business data, the blueprint works for every business.

Regardless of your industry or products.

And now, when you hire one of our trained professionals, you will know that they aren't just guessing at the latest 'hot' strategy that may or may not work for your business.

They know and understand like an owner how your business operates and what needs to happen for you to succeed.

Plus, you’ll get access to our extensive and exclusive marketing rolodex.  We have gathered the world’s greatest marketing experts in every strategy conceivable. You’ll get personal introductions to the best talent in the world.

Finally, we will support you every step of the way. Every day.

You’ll receive 12 months support, training, special events, and up-to-the-minute updates keeping your business ahead of your competition.

When you succeed, we succeed.

Not before.

That is our promise to you.

Stop wasting your time, your money, and your opportunity
guessing with your marketing. 

Book a complimentary consultation now and see how we can help you double your business this year.

Once we are finished creating your Marketing Blueprint, you will...

  • Have a comprehensive Vision and Mission detailed out so everyone from your employees to your customers will know exactly what you are building and how you are going to build it. A complete blueprint for success.
  • Know exactly who is driving the profits in your business and have the confidence to focus your efforts on them.
  • Know your Ideal Customers better than their own families.
  • Know where they go and what they need to hear in order to buy from you.
  • Have the metrics and the KPI’s to manage and scale your business to meet your goals.
  • Become the recognized leaders in your industry, the company everyone else copies.
  • Never have to worry about how your going to get your next customers, or how to pay for them.
  • Be able to bring your unique vision to the world, improving it for all of us.

Without a Marketing Plan that answers these questions, you will continue to spin your wheels.

Shelling out thousands of dollars for random marketing hires that may or may not work.

You will be betting your future success on your ‘best guess’ as to who might be able to solve your marketing problems. Hoping the lucky winds of fate blow in your direction.

You will be jeopardizing your cash flows by throwing good money after bad on marketing that may or may not be working for your business.

Not just the expense of hiring, but training, implementing, and the associated costs of executing the marketing and advertising. 

This is one of the most expensive endeavors you will take in your business. The risks are quite large.

And we get it.

Instead of doubting, worrying about your cashflow, where your next customer is coming from, you’ll have the confidence to move forward, knowing your team has stacked the odds of success in your favor and now you can bring your vision to reality.

You are the producer.

The one changing the world for the better. 

Creating the jobs.

Making your communities a better place.

Let us help you build your team to build your business.

Stop wasting your time, your money, and your opportunity
guessing with your marketing. 

Book a complimentary consultation now and see how we can help you double your business this year.