"Stories for days, dripping with valuable lessons."

Russell Lundstrom is an born and bred entrepreneur. Having started multiple 7-figure businesses, and helping hundreds of other businesses repeat that success, he is now on a mission to simplify the world of marketing.

Passionate that entrepreneurs are the mind, heart, and engine of the world, he is driven to improve the world through better business.

“When good business succeeds, everyone’s quality of life gets better”

After 35+ years on the front lines of marketing, Russell created the step-by-step marketing framework called the Marketing Plan Formula. This simple 5 step process reveals the most profitable marketing strategies through reverse engineering the unique keys to success already contained within your business.

Russell is now on a mission to teach this process to every entrepreneur on the planet.

Why would Russell be a unique guest on your show?

Throughout time, humans have passed the most valuable lessons down the generations through stories. This is how, we as a species, learn, remember, and grow.

 Russell has cultivated decades of amusing and educational stories about business, life, and the intersection of the two. He has 15 years of direct story telling experience and loves to share. 

Russell's Most Popular Discussions Include:

Most popular

How to reverse engineer your business for maximum marketing ROI

The secret exists within your business, not outside. In this thoughtful discussion Russell helps entrepreneurs answer the question,
"How do you know the best marketing strategies to spend my limited time, money, and resources on in order to generate the highest quality leads?"

Actionable workshop

Game changing simplicity with the Single Sheet Marketing Plan

35+ years of marketing experience distilled down into a single sheet? In this challenging, interactive workshop format Russell walks the host and listeners through the Single Sheet Marketing Plan.
This simple doc forces business owners to answer questions they may not have the answers to, answers that are the keys to marketing success...

Advanced strategies

The periodic table of marketing - the building blocks of a successful business

If you were to distill all successful marketing down to its very basic elements, the building blocks of all marketing success, you would be left with the Periodic Table of Marketing.
These are the most basic elements that every business must have in order to realize sustained and predictable growth.

executive discussion

What's the most important number to know that makes all your marketing work?

Numbers? In an engaging, entertaining, and educational discussion around the #1 KPI for CEOs, Russell clearly paints the picture of  the power of simple metrics. Is there a way to take the pulse of a business with a single number?

Praise for Russell's Business Coaching

David Hieb

Founder, Clove & Twine

I recommend other entrepreneurs contact Russell if they could use help – especially those with Internet businesses or broader businesses that design out of the box thinking about marketing, demographics, and strategies.

Russell is super sharp, attentive, and easy going. In addition to shoring up the fundamentals, Russell is looking to push into new areas and go where the puck is going... not where it has been. I would totally recommend Russell if you're looking for help with your business.

Marc Gutman

Founder, WildStory

Charles Causey

Founder, MyMatchStick

But within my first one hour meeting with Russell, he helped me to see that I could cut my time and energy investment by more than 90% to achieve the same results by simply approaching my marketing challenge more intelligently (which included thinking differently about my digital and conversion strategy).

He has an incredible ability to explain key concepts and techniques that make them easier to understand and execute. After learning from him this past year, we have completely revamped our website content, and have renewed confidence in our marketing strategy.

Chris Smith

Christopher Smith 

Founder, Empellor CRM

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