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We make the greatest marketers in the world

You must understand what we do and who we are. We fill a very broad need in businesses today with a very specific and unique solution.

Mission for MPF Remote Sales Consultant

  1. Generating conversations with potential clients and
  2. Converting those conversations into front-end sales


  • In addition to our company values you will have:
  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit - Our clients are entrepreneurs, both MPF and MPF. We recognize this trait and celebrate it.
  • People skills - Your position is to talk with and understand people. A strong sense of empathy and understanding about them, their goals, and how we can help them achieve their dreams.
  • Integrity - You have to walk the talk. We under promise and over deliver. Be honest with prospects and never promise anything we cannot deliver. Everyone who joins is part of the family. We never let anyone into the family who isn’t a good fit or where it isn’t appropriate.
  • Leadership - You must always LEAD your prospects to the best decision FOR THEM, even if that means it takes them outside their comfort zone. You are the catalyst for helping people change their lives and improving the world for everyone.
  • Hunger / Work Ethic - This is not an easy job. It pays extremely well because you are creating an incredible amount of value for everyone. To succeed at the highest levels you must be willing to honing your craft and doing everything you can to 
  1. generate opportunities 
  2. close them. 

You must be hungry for success.

  • Be proactive - You own your opportunities. If you are behind your projections, you must discover why. If you are ahead, you must also know why. Proactive behavior is thoughtful and aware. With awareness comes power to act and change. Again, you own your opportunity.
  • Attention to detail - You will be talking with many people about important parts of their lives. You will have a key role in the growth of RCL. You will be responsible for keeping track of the details which matter. You will be responsible for keeping organized and updated.
  • High Expectations - You will have high expectations placed upon you, but you will also hold all your prospects to the highest expectations. People don’t know what they are capable of and our job is to help them to the best of our ability. That includes you and your prospects.
  • Poise - You will be having crucial conversations about very sensitive and personal matters on a daily basis. Many times, these can be life changing. You must be calm with sensitive and important information and decisions. You will help people improve their lives.

Consultant Position Description

  • Time Integrity - see above. You will be creating your own schedule outside of the mandatory meetings. As such, you will have to manage your time and calendar appropriately to achieve your minimum KPIs.
    This includes morning and end of day tasks
  • You will be expected to communicate internally and appropriately.
  • The expectation is that this is a full time (30-40 hours per week)
  • Remote work. You will be working remotely. There are no restrictions to where you work, other than making good decisions. Don’t try to consult from a Starbucks, or beach side. Be aware of your surroundings. You will also have and maintain the proper technology (computer, audio & video equipment).


  • MPF sales - 20% per sale (on cash collected)
  • PIF bonus of $150
  • $500 bonus per $50k in generated sales with at least 40% cash collected
  • * You are hired as a 1099 contractor which means you will be responsible for your own taxes.

We also have monthly performance contests and bonuses

  • Computers
  • iProducts
  • Travel
  • Cars!