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Leveraging AI for Customer Research

A PHd Math and Computer Science Genius & seasoned Marketing Pro dive deep

into the opportunities and challenges with ChatGPT and Ai tools.

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You missed out!

Join us to uncover the secrets of how ChatGPT works and the best way’s to use it in your marketing.

(And no - it isn’t to write copy for you - you’re smarter than that).

We’ll walk you through exactly how ChatGPT get’s it’s data and potential flaws in responses from a data science perspective - not just some guru sprouting off recommended prompts. Then, we’ll show you how you can save time analyzing data sets to uncover key trends.

This is new territory here. We have all seen the buzz around ChatGPT, Jasper, and hundreds of other "Ai" applications. 

Some of the buzz is warranted, some isn't. We are going to try and paint a clear picture for you about what this new tech is, and isn't.

You will leave with an understanding beyond that of the mainstream world. You will hear directly from Dr. Nagrath, an actual math and computing genius.

He will preview some of the proprietary technology that he is building that utilizes these tools, as well as explain how you might use this in your business.

Even though the tech is new, the implications are mind-blowing.

Then, Russell will dive deep into some of the theoretical applications of this technology through the lens of marketing.

Multiple ways you can use it right now in your business to leverage your own marketing. How to get more done, faster which means a greater ROI on your efforts.

He will also then present some ideas and explorations around where this tech is going and how you can dramatically change your business' marketing.

Not to be missed - and this is important - how NOT to use this tech in your business. There are already penalties underway for the improper usage of this tech - do you know and understand the implications?

You will after joining us on this live workshop.

In 90 Minutes you'll learn:

AI Development

How AI works, how it was developed and most importantly, how it get's it's information. Preview some of the proprietary technology that Dr. Nagrath is building that utilizes these tools, as well as explain how you might use this in your business.

How to speed up your work

How Marchitect Pros are leveraging AI to speed up customer research and analysis. Get more done faster which means a higher ROI.

Messaging that isn't boring 

We're sure that you've noticed the copy written by ChatGPT isn't the most engaging. We'll show you our strategies for creating messaging that actually engages your audience. 

How not to use AI

There are already penalties underway for the improper usage of this tech - do you know and understand the implications?

Your Presenters

Dr. Aditya Nagrath

Dr. Nagrath, Creator and Founder of Elephant Learning Mathematics Academy, teaches students how to overcome mathematics anxiety in less than three months in just 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week, so they can understand their teacher and participate fully in the classroom.

With a PhD in Mathematics & Computer Sciences, Dr. Nagrath has spent over 30 years in the industry as a software engineer working on everything from atomic clocks to iOS and Android apps to Amazon’s Kindle Fire. As the Founder of Elephant Head Software, which won the prestigious JD Edwards Innovation Award in 2015, he has also done software projects for Pearson, Verizon, Telefonica, JD Edwards (Oracle), and other billion dollar companies. Now with Elephant Learning, Dr. Nagrath has taught over 160,000 years of mathematics to over 140,000 students around the world, and is on a mission to change the way the world teaches mathematics.

With a Facebook following of over 40k, Dr. Nagrath has spoken at the University of Denver, and is the author of numerous scientific works, a series of blogs on learning mathematics, as well as the Amazon Best Seller “Rethinking Math Learning”. For his expertise he has been featured on KUSA-TV (Denver) and on over 50 podcasts.

Russell Lundstrom

For more than 35 years Russell has been on the front lines of small business and marketing.

He has founded more than 20 different businesses, many of which have grown to multi-million dollar companies. He has also coached and consulted with over 300 businesses in every industry imaginable.

With this vast depth of experience Russell has been able to crack the code on marketing. He is the creator of the Marketing Plan Formula - a data-driven approach to Reverse Engineer you business to create the optimal marketing plan. This proprietary approach has been used by companies ranging from Rich Dad Poor Dad, WishingUWell, Showlabs, and hundreds of other small businesses with great success.

In 2022 he founded the Marchitect.Pro certification program which teaches the Marketing Plan Formula to business owners, marketing professionals, and marketing agencies around north America.

Leverage AI the smart way.

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