Want the world's best marketers on your team? 

A highly leveraged fractional CMO working directly on your business for just pennies per day?

Get 1-On-1 Coaching, Feedback, 
Access To My 30+ Years Of Direct Marketing Experience


What makes the MPF Private Forum Collective Essential?

Live coaching + Online Training + Vast resource archive + community + support = SUCCESS

The Forum Collective is a unique experience combining live and recorded coaching, training, and support from the world’s leading marketers. You are also supported by a community of qualified peers providing review, experience shares, and accountability.

All led by master marketing strategist Russell Lundstrom.

Yes, you’ll get access to a whole library of video training, plans, swipes, links, specialized professionals, 30 years of resources, and new training each month…

This is a resource for business founders to take action.

In The Forum Collective you’ll follow step by step plans that make your marketing processes easier, more fun and profitable.

And then you’ll attend bi-weekly live clinics, hotseat calls and training workshops to get personalized feedback and support.

Plus you’ll join an incredibly supportive community of amazing business owners who are on the same journey as you.


Your Collective Membership Includes:

- Bi-Weekly live ‘office hours’
- Bi-Weekly ‘hot seats’ and live training
- Exclusive speakers, events, and training
- Exclusive discounts and deals to the best tools in marketing
- 30 years of marketing archives
- Referral groups
- Member directory
- Marketing jobs board and resource directory
- Unlimited critiques and marketing feedback
- Screened and monitored community
- 7 & 8 figure owners only
- Support and accountability groups
- Industry research


Marketing Reviews and Critiques On-Demand - Yes Please!

Part of what makes the collective so valuable is the years, decades, and yes, even centuries of experience that is available to you.

Each member of the Collective is screened and qualified. This means that they have a sufficient number of arrows in their backs to provide experience shares that matter.

When you request a review for any of your marketing materials you will get qualified feedback, not only from myself, but also from the entire Collective. Think of it like having a team of marketing experts and business founders you can tap into and help cut through the learning curve to optimize your results.

The feedback is moderated so you won’t have to sort and sift through spammy, worthless comments to get to the good stuff.

Normally, I charge $300/hour for marketing reviews, but with your membership, you get unlimited requests for review.

Who’s Inside?

What is MPF Collective?

The Forum Collective is a unique and exclusive community where business owners come together to...

- Learn the latest and proven marketing methods and strategies that WORK.

- Get unlimited marketing critiques and feedback on your marketing campaigns & ideas.

- Access specific training proven by real, market-tested results (never BS theory).

- Find high-level clients and freelancers in our Job Boards

We know there are hundreds of communities for entrepreneurs out there. The Forum Collective is a secure vault of highly concentrated of marketing expertise only accessible to those who qualify.

In The Collective your get over-the-shoulder and real life experience shares with 7 & 8 figure business owners and their marketing teams. It is a group of business owners committed to growing each other's business.

It is THE place for entrepreneurs to connect and grow.

Your Peers

Some really good people...

If you are questioning if The Forum Collective can produce the same results for your business, I have a few peers that share their results below. These are small business owners just like you. From a variety of industries.

Because our marketing principles are built upon the DNA of your individual business, it doesn't matter what market, what size, or any other particulars you have. The Marketing Plan Formula will help you get more leads and grow your business.

Take a look. I'm happy to introduce you to any of the entrepreneurs below if you would like to learn more about their experience or business.

Lisa Foster - Parillume

Lisa and I have been working on a completely new version of her business. She is like a dowsing rod for superpower-flow states.

Nick Anderson - ADC

Nick owns one of the most respected hair salons and barbershops in Denver. Plus, he is the creator of Blush-Now, a revolutionary new service.

Steve & Sheryl Ziegler

I helped Steve and his wife, Dr. Z, have been learn how to leverage the power of Facebook ads and course marketing.

Jack, Fly-by-Ads

Jack and I work together a bunch. He is a brilliant entrepreneur and is an amazing friend.

Kathy & KMC University

I love Kathy. She is the #1 source in the world chiropractors turn to for compliance and office management solutions.

Harmonic Media

Tyler and his wife, Barb, make some of the coolest one-off marketing materials you've ever seen.

I avoided making a huge mistake that could've haunted me for the rest of my life...

I'm Tjark Hartmann and I was about to give up my business because I thought my market was broke.Thankfully, I told Russell about this and he showed me that my market wasn't the problem at all.Now I know that all the time, money, and effort I put into my business wasn't just a "learning experience". It was never doomed to fail. In fact, it can turn into something great.I have hope again. I'm excited for the future. And, best of all, I avoided making a huge mistake that could've haunted me for the rest of my life.

You are really helping a ton...

"Hey man... Jut wanted to let you know that I am getting a TON of value out of your mentorship for our group. [...] you are really helping a ton."

I could cut my time and energy investment by more than 90% to achieve the same results...

As I launch my second company, I met with Russell to get help with marketing. I had what I thought was a tight marketing plan that I planned to execute over the coming four months. But within my first one hour meeting with Russell, he helped me to see that I could cut my time and energy investment by more than 90% to achieve the same results by simply approaching my marketing challenge more intelligently (which included thinking differently about my digital and conversion strategy).

Charles Causey
Founder, MyMatchStick

I have it pinned up on my vision board next to my desk and look at it every day for inspiration...

P.S. Today I had a training session with my team of Expert VA coaches and read the note you wrote to me as inspiration. I started crying when I read it. I have it pinned up on my vision board next to my desk and look at it every day for inspiration.


Not Just Resources, But Community, Accountability, And Support

Community - All members are business owners. And as much as we like to think we are unique butterflies and unicorns, but the fact is we all face very similar challenges.

The Forum Collective is a safe space where you can ask for and receive help, support, and resources.

Think of all that’s available to you when you join a group of dedicated and committed business owners.

You don’t have to tackle your challenges alone

.Accountability - I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with hundreds of small businesses owners over the last decade and one of the most requested forms of help is simple accountability.

In the Collective we cultivate accountability coaches and help hold each other accountable to ourselves and each other.

Support - Being an entrepreneur is lonely work. It isn’t like you can hit up your high school buddies and ask them advice around email or marketing budgeting.

The Collective is all about community and support. We are here to support you in your business growth, and not just with marketing.

Hey, I’m Russell,

I am a born and bred entrepreneur.

My father raised me as an entrepreneur. He taught me that to be an entrepreneur is to simple create value in the world. The more value, the more successful your business will be.

Since my single digit years, I’ve started over 20 businesses. A few successes, a few failures, but with over 30 years of experience I have a lot to offer you. Being an entrepreneur yourself, you understand what this statement includes. Having to wear so many hats over so many years this gives me a unique perspective.

I LOVE Small Business. The producers. The men and women who see a better way and risk everything to make it happen. To me, you are the true super heroes in the world today. The planet depends on you.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with hundreds (and hundreds) of small businesses over the last 10 years. In just about every industry you can imagine, I feel very lucky to have these friends.

That is a lot about me, so what does that mean for you?

If I achieve greatness it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. My value to the world is helping entrepreneurs like you bring your ideas to reality and helping you achieve your dreams.

By helping you, and hundreds of other business owners grow and serve more people I can have a big impact on creating more value in the world (even if it is just a little bit of help).

This isn’t a pet project, or even a passion project, this is a part of my DNA.

I am committed to helping you as much as I can.

I invite you to join me and hundreds of other entrepreneurs as we dive deep into the very best of marketing.

I can’t wait to meet you and learn about the magic you are creating in this world.

See you inside,



Bi-Annual Plan

To get you off the ground running.


/ 6 Months

  • Works out to $200/mo ($50/mo savings)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, cancel anytime and get full refund
  • Lock in this Founder's rate forever. Price will increase with next class.

Annual Plan

Commit to your success


/ 12 Months

  • Works out to $166/mo ($83/mo savings)
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, cancel anytime and get full refund
  • Black Friday Special - Receive 3 Extra Months @ No Cost

Monthly Plan

The Easy-Peasy Plan


/ month

  • Less than $10 bucks per day
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, cancel anytime and get full refund
  • Lock in this Founder's rate forever. Price will increase with next class.

Here is my promise to you.

The MPF Forum Collective is a community, a group of friends and coworkers. We are all on the same journey, to build the business of our dreams.

I promise you will absolutely love the Forum Collective (you might actually feel a little guilty that it is so inexpensive). You will see an immediate ROI from your participation. 

If not, simply send me an email, support [at] marketingplanformula [dot] com and I will cancel your membership and refund any balance you have.

You won't spend, risk, or waste one red cent with us. 

That is my promise and guarantee to you.