Marketing Plan Formula

Module 1 - Your VMV

3 Modules 10 Lessons

Yes, it is important that we start here. 

Let me explain why this is critical to your overall success and how to create lasting impact in the world.

Course Structure


Why Your Vision, Mission, And Values Are Critical To Your Marketing Success

Just think about what your business could look like if you had better marketing that actually generated more sales?

If you had a systematized process for marketing that you could replicate over and over.

Well, that is what we are talking about.
A system to make decisions with.
A tool set that serves you.
That is why we are starting here.
In order to create a system,
You have to have some set of criteria that gives you the ability to judge.
To grade.
To plan.
To budget.
To achieve.

And that criteria is born from your vision, it is refined by your mission, and it is judged by your values.

Without a defined Vision, Mission, or Values you have no criteria from which to make judgements and decisions from.

The Difference Between Vision and Mission

Often confused, your vision and mission are not the same thing. 

They each serve your business in specific ways and in this lesson I show you how and why they are different and so important to your overall success.

Watch Me Work The Impact Vision Workbook

In this lesson I walk you through some of the nuances of the Vision Impact Workbook. 

A high level tour of the thinking behind your workbook.


Deep Dive Into Vivid Vision with Cameron Herold

Cameron's talk is exactly about the power that a proper vision can give your business. I knew immediately that I wanted to have him dive deeper into what a Vivid Vision is, how to create one, and how to best use your Vivid Vision in your business.

Key Exit Strategy Decisions with Jessica Fialkovich |

Jessica Fialkovich is the co-founder of the fastest growing and largest business broker in the United States. In this bonus interview I wanted to share with you the importance of thinking through your exit strategy when you are developing your vision.

Workbook & Tools

Here is my list of resources, workbooks and tools for this module.

Vivid Vision Examples

The following are some great examples of Vivid Visions I have collected for your review.

The Ultimate VMV Rolodex

Here are my best resources for help with creating your own Vivid Vision.