Marketing Plan Formula

Module 4 - Your Marketing Strategies

3 Modules 2 Chapters 17 Lessons

In this module, we are going to finally start looking at your actual marketing strategies. 

What are the essential strategies every business must employ? 

What are the specific strategies you discovered in your research and are now going to deploy?

Bonus material from the best strategy specialists in the world. 

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3 Lessons

Module 4 - Training

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Evaluating Your Ideal Customer Research and Choosing Marketing Strategies

At this point, we have pretty much completed the puzzle of marketing.

You're going to look at all your research and begin using it as the map, the blueprint to your marketing and advertising.

And you’re going to learn how to improve the marketing that is currently working for you.

Basic Marketing Strategies EVERY Business Must Use

Regardless of your business structure or model, I believe there are several marketing strategies that you must be using in your business today. 

In this lesson, I share these essential strategies and how to use them.

Why Outsource To Professionals

This lesson is about painful marketing experiences. We've all had them.

I'm going to share why most marketing services don't work and what you need to do to make a successful relationship.

2 Chapters

Module 4 - Bonus Material

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Digital Marketing Strategies 9 Lessons

Facebook Advertising with Curt Maly

In this bonus lesson, we get an in-depth understanding about what makes successful Facebook advertising and what doesn't.

Curt Maly is one of the best in the world when it comes to Facebook. This is a rare treat for us to get his insight.

The #1 Money Makin’ Skill for Entrepreneurs with Kevin Rogers

All too often the basis for all good marketing comes down to one good skill. Kevin Rogers is the ring leader and master of the best of the best for your copywriting.

Challenge Marketing with Stirling Gardner

Online challenges are a new strategy for leadgen which is working better than almost anything online. In this bonus interview we get the chance to learn from the #1 expert for running these type of challenges.

Workbook & Tools

All the tools and resources you need to complete this module.

The Ultimate Marketing Strategies Rolodex

Contact database for marketing specialists