August 2021 Applications Now Available

"Give me 10 weeks and I'll give you the marketing campaigns, tactics, and metrics guaranteed to double/triple your sales in the next 12 months"

In just 10 weeks we will help you create, implement, and execute the most profitable marketing campaigns
AND - you'll at least double ROI
- AND - have a duplicatable system you can use repeatedly
- AND guaranteed or you pay nothing and still keep the system!

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. You'll also get:

personalized Rules for success · Marketing inventory & Assessment · Complete profit analysis · Deep customer research & profile development · Marketing strategy optimization · USP development · Message & offer refinement · KPI and metrics to manage your marketing ->

But, most of all, you'll have the confidence and control of a marketing machine that actually produces more sales for your business - guaranteed!

I'll make it simple, in less than 90 days, you'll have:

  • Built A Step By Step Plan With Milestones And Accountability To Reach Even The Biggest Of Dream Visions
  • Found Those Customers Who Make You The Most Money And Who You Can Help The Most
  • Exactly The Right Message To Say To Your Prospects Where They Are Begging You To Take Their Money And Help Them
  • Know Exactly How Much Money Your Marketing Is Going To Require To Hit Your Goals This Year
  • Positioned Your Business So Far Ahead Of The Competition Your Customers Cannot See Doing Business With Anyone Else
  • How To Manage Your Cashflow For Optimum Profits
  • How To Know Exactly Which Marketing Strategies Are Most Profitable For Your Business, Which Are Ok, And Which You Need To Stop As Soon As Humanly Possible
  • How To Know Exactly Where To Spend Your Scarce Advertising Dollars So That For Every Dollar You Invest You Make Back The Highest ROI Possible

just some of the businesses we've helped, is yours next?

Saw a 60% increase in offer conversions
"...large increase in sales on Amazon..."
"...we have completely revamped our website content, and have renewed confidence in our marketing strategy..."
"...helped me to hone down my audience and who are my ideal customers..."
"... an actual solution that worked. We had a record sales month in Jan. Feels like all the pieces finally put together."
Nearly doubled subscribers in 16 months
Doubled top line revenue in 12 months
" I have a really good strategy for it [marketing]."

... And hundreds more ...