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This is new territory here. We have all seen the buzz around ChatGPT, Jasper, and hundreds of other "Ai" applications. 

Some of the buzz is warranted, some isn't. We are going to try and paint a clear picture for you about what this new tech is, and isn't.

You will leave with an understanding beyond that of the mainstream world. You will hear directly from Dr. Nagrath, an actual math and computing genius.

He will preview some of the proprietary technology that he is building that utilizes these tools, as well as explain how you might use this in your business.

Even though the tech is new, the implications are mind-blowing.

Then, Russell will dive deep into some of the theoretical applications of this technology through the lens of marketing.

Multiple ways you can use it right now in your business to leverage your own marketing. How to get more done, faster which means a greater ROI on your efforts.

He will also then present some ideas and explorations around where this tech is going and how you can dramatically change your business' marketing.

Not to be missed - and this is important - how NOT to use this tech in your business. There are already penalties underway for the improper usage of this tech - do you know and understand the implications?

You will after joining us on this live workshop.

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Thursday, February 09, 2023 | 11:00 PST | 13:00 EST

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Marketing Opportunities with ChatGPT & ai

90 MINUTES of facts and cutting edge applications for emerging technology

The match up of the year! 

A PHd Math and Computer Science Genius paired up with a seasoned Marketing Genius to dive deep into the opportunities and challenges with ChatGPT and Ai tools.