The 2022 EOY marketing wrap-up and blueprinting workshop

Your opportunity is RIGHT NOW!  Stop wasting so much money, time, and opportunity.

In a single morning you will understand how your marketing could be reverse engineered and streamlined into a highly focused, managed, and most of all profitable system.

For CEOs, Founders, and CMOs who want to take advantage of the massive opportunities 2023 will present.

  • Discover the essential questions to ask of your marketing from 2022 that will make or break 2023.
  • Get the tools to perform a marketing inventory and focus your efforts to only the profitable strategies.
  • Create a marketing blueprint for 2023 that optimizes your resources and will achieve your greatest vision for your business.

We will show you a completely new way to look at marketing your business. A full-circle marketing blueprint that will:

  • support and drive your vision, 
  • optimize your limited resources,
  • focuses on measurable results,
  • and completely manageable giving you 100% control over your marketing.

Event Details:

Saturday, December 10, 20220
7:00 am - 10:00 am E.S.T.


⌚(3 min) Introduction & Background
⌚(5 min) State of Marketing in '22/'23
⌚(20 min) Performing a forensic audit of your marketing investments
⌚(10 min) Deconstruct and streamline your profitable investments
⌚(10 min) Discard the waste
  -- Break --
⌚(5 min) Construction of your 2023 marketing blueprint
⌚(10 min) Crystal clear clarification of your '23 objectives
⌚(25 min) Profitable and scalable sales qualified lead generation
⌚(5 min) Marketing strategy management and execution
⌚(10 min) Marketing metrics, KPIs, and dashboards
  -- Break --
⌚(3 min) Wrap-up
⌚(30 min) QA

What is a marchitect?

Building a business with marketing is much like building your dream home.

You'd be considered crazy to hire a contractor, without a blueprint, hand them a pile of money, and say "Hey, there ya go, Now go build my dream home".

How would your contractor know what to build?

A Colonial house? An adobe house? How many bedrooms, bathrooms, what materials? At what cost? Facing North, East, South, or West?

You would never, ever do that. Would you?

Yet, this is exactly why most businesses fail when it comes to marketing.

They know they need marketing to grow to the next level, so they go out an hire a random (mostly) marketing agency, guru, or freelancer.

Hand them a large pile of money and say "There ya go, now go build my business".

This is exactly the same scenario.

And business leaders wonder why most marketing disappoints, if not fails outright much of the time.

We are the marchitects

Building a business with marketing is much like building your dream home.

You'd be considered crazy to try and build a home without a blueprint.

Why are you trying to build a business without a marketing blueprint?

Stop wasting your time, money, and opportunity on random marketing strategies.

Use our Reverse Engineered Marketing frameworks to create a blueprint that optimizes your efforts and actually moves the needle for your business.